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I used to be schizophrenic. [entries|friends|calendar]

ecca x shecka
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[February 25, 2006]
Making a new FRIENDS ONLY journal:


Oh, and don't forget to add me back. =)
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[February 22, 2006]
[ mood | hungry ]

Have you ever...
() smoked a cigarette
() smoked a cigar
() smoked anything else
() crashed a friend's car

() been in love
() shoplifted
() been fired
() been in a fist fight

() snuck out of parent's house
(x) had feelings for someone who didn't have them back
() been arrested
() made out with a stranger
() gone on a blind date

() lied to a friend - for a good reason
(x) had a crush on a teacher
(x) skipped school
() slept with a co-worker
() seen someone die

() had/have a crush on one of your MYSPACE friends
(x) been to Canada
() been to Mexico
(x) been on a plane
() thrown up in a bar

() eaten Sushi
() been snowboarding
() met someone BECAUSE of myspace
() been moshing at a concert

() been in an abusive relationship
(x) taken painkillers
() love someone right now
(x) laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by
(x) made a snow angel

(x) had a tea party
() flown a kite
(x) built a sand castle
() gone puddle jumping
() played dress up

(x) jumped into a pile of leaves
(x) gone sledding
(x) cheated while playing a game
(x) been lonely
() fallen asleep at work/school

() used a fake ID
(x) watched the sun set
() felt an earthquake
(x) touched a snake

(x) been tickled
() been robbed
() robbed someone
(x) been misunderstood
() pet a reindeer/goat

() won a contest
() been suspended from school
() had detention
(x) been in a car accident

() had braces
() eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night
(x) had deja vu
() danced in the moonlight

(x) hated the way you look
() witnessed a crime
() pole danced
(x) questioned your heart
(x) been obsessed with post-it notes

() squished barefoot through the mud
(x) been lost
() been to the opposite side of the country
(x) swam in the ocean
() felt like dying

(x) cried yourself to sleep
() played cops and robbers
(x) recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers
(x) sung karaoke
(x) paid for a meal with only coins

(x) done something you told yourself you wouldn't
() made prank phone calls
() laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
(x) caught a snowflake on your tongue
() kissed in the rain

(x) written a letter to Santa Claus
() been kissed under a mistletoe
() watched the sun set with someone you care/cared about
(x) blown bubbles
() made a bonfire on the beach

() crashed a party
() have traveled more than 5 days with a car full of people
(x) gone rollerskating/blading
(x) had a wish come true
() humped(by) a monkey
() worn pearls
() jumped off a bridge
() screamed "penis" in class
() ate dog/cat food
(x) told a complete stranger you loved them

(x) sang in the shower
(x) had a dream that you married someone
() glued your hand to something

() got your tongue stuck to a pole
() kissed a fish
() worn the opposite sexes clothes
(x) been a cheerleader
() sat on a roof top

() madeout at a church
(x) screamed at the top of your lungs
() done a one-handed cartwheel
() talked on the phone for more than 6 hours
(x) stayed up all night

() didnt take a shower for a week
(x) pick and ate an apple right off the tree
(x) climbed a tree
() had a tree house
(x) are scared to watch scary movies alone-

(x) believe in ghosts
() have more then 30 pairs of shoes
(x) worn a really ugly outfit to school
() gone streaking
() played ding-dong-ditch

() played chicken fight
() been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on
(x) been told you're hot by a complete stranger
() broken a bone
(x) been easily amused

() caught a fish then ate it
() caught a butterfly
() laughed so hard you cried
(x) cried so hard you laughed

() mooned/flashed someone
() had someone moon/flash you
(x) cheated on a test
(x) forgotten someone's name

() slept naked
(x) French braided someones hair
() gone skinny dippin in a pool
() been kicked out of your house

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=DD [February 21, 2006]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I had the best vacation ever, and these are the reasons why:
          - I saw two really hott guys playing ping pong in a hotel.
          - Antother really hott guy said "Hi!" to me.
          - Twice when I was trying clothes on and looking in the mirror out of the dressing rooms, they commented me on what I was trying on and that I
             looked good in what I was trying on.

Things are really looking up in this vacation.

And now, Cody's words of wisdom:
So far I met a hobo with Mark on the way back to Zachary's house from Dunkin Donuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Er... yay? xD

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New layout! =D [February 17, 2006]
[ mood | aggravated ]



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GRR. [February 17, 2006]
[ mood | bitchy ]

My dad is still not home yet.

God, I want to go!! I WANT TO GO SWIMMING!!

I really want to have a late night swim with my cousins.

I figure that if we leave around 6, we'll get there at around 7:30.

Which is pretty late for hotels pools to be open, I think.

Well, no. The one we stay in in April in Hyannis has the pool open till 9:00. But, whatever.






I'm angry.


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CAPE COD!!! [February 17, 2006]
[ mood | Hehe... cyclops dude. xDD ]

Okay, so before I was like "Oh, yeah, we're going to the Cape in 20 degree weather. This should be fun." but NOW the LANDRY'S are going and their friends the PROYAS (sp? xD) are going, and they have the CUTEST little kids EVER, and their other friends who I forget their last name at the moment (Jess, Bud, and Aliesha (sp? xDD) and Brendan and Andy) and they're staying in a hotel thing or a motel or whatever that has a POOL. I'M GOING SWIMMING IN 20 DEGREE WEATHER, SUCKAS!!!

Even though some people are going to Florida and Aruba and stuff, this is so much better because this is in 20 degree weather, oh yes.

Aww, my mommy made me muffins for breakfast. =)

I would have made them last night but there wasb't any milk, so...


And I get to swim. That's the most exciting part.

Whoever's reading this, you're probably like "WTF? What's so special about swimming? We do that ALL the time in the summer." Well, reader, you forgot ONE TINY detail.



Now this is getting overboard.

I want a muffin.

I'll get one in a half hour.


Kara, you BETTER be coming early. I'm leaving after suppertime. So, yeahh.

Cody and them aren't getting their puppy after all. I guess in order to get the puppy, they have to get Odie neutered first, and that would take two weeks or more, and the place with the puppy "can't" wait that long, for some reason.

Isn't that pathertikc, Kara? xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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Cape Cod! =D [February 16, 2006]
[ mood | blah ]

Yeah, we're going to Cape Cod this weekend. Hah, Kara, you'll have tons of fun with Jenna. xDD

Oh, I think you, me, and Mark get to see their new puppy on Monday. Jenna said he's this big (which isn't very big. xDD) She said he's a mix of a German Shephard and a Siberian Husky (he's be so big when he's grown up =O). She told me all this over the phone. The phone rang and I pick it up and I go "Hello" and she goes "ERICA!!!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE GETTING A NEW PUPPY!!!!!!" and I go "Jenna... I know, you told me already." and she goes "YEAH, BUT WE'RE REALLY GETTING ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!" and I'm like "Oh. That's nice." and she goes "So, do you want to come over?" totally changing the subject. I'm like "Um, no thanks, I have, um, homework? to do." and she goes "But, Sarah's coming over!" (Sarah's their babysitter) and go I go, "Jenna, I'd really like to (sarcasim), but I can't. I have homework." and then she hung up. I was like uh... okay...




This is fun now.

I think I'm going to stop now.


I also think I'm addicted to the enetr button. xD

Alright, I'm really going to stop.

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>=o [February 16, 2006]
[ mood | sleepy ]




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New layout! =D [February 12, 2006]
[ mood | blank ]

For Valentines Day. Check it out. =D

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w00t! [February 12, 2006]
[ mood | Whee! ]

I'm going to Florida this summer!! =DDD

I ♥ Florida.

I don't ♥ when your ears hurt on planes.

I guess that gives me a reason to eat gum. ^^

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Finding Nemo! xD [February 12, 2006]
[ mood | Fuck Chris. I should kick him. ]

Yeah, so I went to a 2-year olds birthday party yesterday. His name is Joey, and omfg he is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Right when I walked in the door he wanted me to hold him, he clung to me, omfg, he was like, obsessed with me, haha. Both his parents played hockey in college so they built a mini rink in their backyard. Good thing they told me to bring my skates. =D There were all these kids playing hockey on it so it's not like I could skate around. Nicole Ciano was there, we hung out after her cousins left. There was this kid, Chris, there and omfg I wanted to kick him in the nuts with my toepic (sp?). He was so fucking annoying it wasn't even funny. There was this kid named Nick who could skate a hell of a lot better than I am, and he was playing hockey, but he doesn't like, actually play it, like he was playing it then but he doesn't play it anytime else. Chris was making fun of him because he "can't skate", whatever he means, and I was like WTF?! I was like "Chris, the kid doesn't play hockey, lay off him!". Oh, and then Nick didn't want to play hockey anymore because they were playing a game and they made it uneven teams (The two kids who play hockey against Nick and some adult with no skates. Seems pretty unfair, if you ask me), so Chris was calling him (I quote) a "fucking wuss, get off the ice, you can't skate if you fucking tried, WUSS!! WUSS!" I was about to go over there and fucking throw all the pucks at his head. There were at least 20 pucks there. And then there was this kid who wasn't even on the ice and never went on it because he didn't have skates, but Chris told him that he couldn't skate for "fucking beans." I was like WTF YOU FUCKING IDIOT LEAVE THE FUCKING KID ALONE HE'S NOT EVEN FUCKING SKATING!! Wow, that kid got me really mad. I was gripping the bench seat so hard my knuckles turned white. Oh man, that kid needs a therapist or something, an insane assilumn. Wow. Writing about it is even getting me mad. I'm not surprised he's mad though. Last year at Joey's 1st birthday party, Chris's grandfather let him smoke a cigar. All his own. Oh, did I forget to mention that this kid is like, 11? Seriously, I would have kicked him in the nuts with my toepic, I really would have. Only, my parents were watching from the window, so that probably wouldn't have been too nice. Oh man, the temptation was like, omfg. I so wanted to punch him.


Yeah, but when they all left and it was just my parents left and a couple with an 8-month old baby, I was the only one on the ice, and I probably stayed out there in like, 25 degrees weather just skating. I taught myself how to skate forwards and backwards, and I'm trying to teach myself how to spin. xD Jess, I did bend my knees, and I did keep my foot straight. xD

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w00t! Dance Theater! =D [February 07, 2006]
[ mood | angry ]

Yupp.  Going to DT tonight.  Should be a good show. =)

Kennedy has a game today.  GO KENNEDY! =P

So, Korry came over my house Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  On Wednesday, me and Korry went in the woods and found these series of lakes (Er, well, giant puddles, I don't know how deep they were because they had a thin layer of ice on them, but still) and little streams, and we followed the lakes and streams until we could see Lincoln St.  I knew that the woods lead to somewhere, but I didn't know they lead there.

JESS, PLEASE DON'T TELL MOM AND DAD I GO IN THE WOODS!  I don't know if they want me in there, since the last time I asked them I was in 5th grade, but I never go in there without someone else with me, and we never separate, and now I'm just babbling on.

You know what?  I'm going to go ask my mom right now if I'm allowed to go in the woods.

If I get the courage.

I never have courage to ask my parents if I can do stuff when I have a gut feeling they'll say no, like going to the mall without walking around with an adult (Kara), or going in the woods.

Long story short, I'm a wuss.

Crap.  My mom just went in the bathroom.  AND I WAS JUST ABOUT TO ASK HER.

I'm going to plan out what I'm going to tell her (which is basically what I just said):

-First, I'm going to lie and say that Korry wanted to go in the woods but I said no, because if I admited that we went in the woods and they didn't want us to, my mom would think back to fifth grade and say "I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T WANT YOU IN THOSE WOODS!  YOU'RE GROUNDED!" or something on those lines.

-Then I'm going to say that I remember when Sarah, Jenna and Cody's babysitter, took us in there quite some time ago, I remembered that there were a lot of paths, and that we never go off them, and I never will.

-The coyote that came out of the woods a long time ago probably isn't there anymore, unless Animal Control came up and caught it.

-There are no bears in those woods.

-It's not like I would go in there to spray paint trees or cut them down or whatever, but just because its a really cool place to be.  I would probably go in there to hike and walk around or something.

-I would never go in there alone because you know I'm too scared.


Ooh, she just got out of the bathroom!  But she went downstairs to put laundry in the washing machine, so I'm going to go ask her downstairs.

So I'm going to post this, and then ask her, and then tell you guys reading this what she said.

Wish me luck! xDDD

Oh, wait, she came up.


WTF?!?!?!  SHE SAID FUCKING NO!  Oh, sorry, she said "No, I'd prefer you didn't."


She goes "Why do you like those woods so much?  What attraction do they give?"


Alright, well, I'm going to go rant away in my head so you don't have to listen to it.

Or read it, for that matter.

Good fucking bye.

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cityxeyes [February 06, 2006]
[ mood | hungry ]

Kara, your cityxeyes account thing doesn't work. I tried to comment to be your friend on that account, but it said because I wasn't a friend, I couldn't comment.

I'll tell you how to do it:
1) DON'T MAKE YOUR JOURNAL SO THAT FRIENDS ONLY CAN COMMENT. That's not how you make your posts friends only. Make it so that anyone can comment.
2) To make your posts so that friends only, go down to where you do the smileys and the music you're listening to and such, and the first thing on the left, it says Image hosting by Photobucket
3) Make it so that it says "friends". DO THAT FOR EVERY POST YOU MAKE.

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OMFG. [February 06, 2006]
THIS IS SO FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. I got tired of eating my wood-flavored water pop, so I put it in the sink to melt, and it went down the drain, popsicle stick and all. I was like "WTF?!?!?!"

Grr, I must go.
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[February 06, 2006]
[ mood | annoyed ]

This is fucking retarded.

Great way to start my morning.

So, I was getting milk for my cereal, but the water jug was in front of it, so I had to take out the water, then the milk, then put the water back in. So, I do that, but the fridge door wouldn't close because of the water, so I opened the door, and the water fell to the ground splashing a little. I had the milk in my hand, so I put that on the counter quickly to pick up the water, and the milk just fell off the counter and went EVERYWHERE. I was stepping in milk everywhere I go.

So now I'm forced to eat dry Cheerios and a water pop. x(

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[February 04, 2006]
[ mood | rejected ]

Fuck him. He's a fucking ass hole. I fucking hate him.

I want to cry.

I NEED MY THERAPY CIRCLE! Image hosting by Photobucket

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Hehe. [February 04, 2006]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm at Kara's house now. =)

I'm kind of bored. Kara's doing her homework half asleep. xD

I'm going to go outside. Maybe I can get her to come in the woods. It's very relaxing in there. =D

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[February 03, 2006]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Kara, I'm using your lonewolf journal to test layouts since you don't use it anymore. ^^

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=) [February 01, 2006]
[ mood | blah ]

Kara, those pictures of you being pregnant are uploaded onto photobucket. xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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[January 29, 2006]
[ mood | bouncy ]

OMFG! It's Kara. xDD Erica told me to put this in here, cuz she's challenged and her computer hates her. ^^

Erica's Old Navy Stuff! =DCollapse )

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